MINDS Fellowship Program

  • Testimonials
    The public perception of mental illness in India, especially rural areas like Gamdi, is vastly different from that of western countries like the United States. The stigma here is far greater – it is embarrassing and even personally disgraceful to be a victim of one of these conditions. However, a large number of people don’t even identify the symptoms as a medical problem. This is a product of lack of education regarding mental illness. Additionally, the majority of the conditions in the region are depression, alcoholism, anxiety, or a combination thereof. These can often be seen as a personal problem, a character flaw rather than a treatable mental condition.Alex Small, Summer 2011 Fellow
  • Testimonials
    I can hardly believe how many lives MINDS has touched – and its only been around for a year. Raghu’s leadership and our team’s hard work showcase our generation at its best: restoring balance to people’s lives around the world. The craziest part is we’re just getting started. In time, the MINDS model in Gujarat can be implemented around the world. Our program is expanding to feature powerful alternative treatments, such as art therapy. And we’re exploring avenues to bring the wellbeing wisdom of India and its Yogis back home to impact our lives here in the States.Zachary Valenti, Winter 2012 Fellow
  • Testimonials
    Each volunteer brought something unique and special to the table, whether it was the shooting of a documentary or the implementation of a yoga class in the psych ward. I am so glad to have met these people and to have had the opportunity to observe them do what they do best.Rehan Mehta, Winter 2012 Fellow
  • Testimonials
    …the real value of my trip lies in the amazing, intelligent and resourceful people I met, and I’m really looking forward to discussing our future MINDS research projects and making sure to include the invaluable feedback they offer.Sam Douglas, Winter 2012 Fellow
  • Testimonials
    I truly believe that the MINDS Foundation has set its footpath in getting closer to eliminating the stigma around mental illness in India. I am very thankful of everyone that has aided to make my birth town better. I am glad to be a part of the foundation and I hope that we are the first of many others to have gained this experience.Shyam Desai, Winter 2012 Fellow

The MINDS Foundation Fellowship Program is an opportunity to dive into a global health and cultural experience for students and professionals. All volunteers that participate in the Program are MINDS Fellows. They will participate daily with local psychiatrists, local neurologists, local nurses, and local social workers to help diminish the stigma towards mental illness, assist with patient care, and educate patients and families in better treatment methods and resource availability. To meet our MINDS Fellows, please click here.

How to Apply

If you would like to volunteer on-site in India, click here to fill out our online application form. Please note that MINDS will not be able to cover any of the costs for your stay as the majority of our budget goes towards our programs.


Each year, MINDS runs two-structured summer fellowship programs. However, we do accept applications for other times throughout the year and dates are flexible. 2017 Summer Fellowship Dates: June 20th-July 31st July 20th-August 31st

Application Due: February 25, 2017
 February 26th-March 5th

Notification: By mid-March

*We do require our fellows to fundraise a minimum of USD $1,500 prior to their time with us on the ground*