Our Values

Grassroots Approach
Mental illness is a highly stigmatized and deeply personal health issue. The MINDS Foundation is committed to a bottom-up, grassroots approach based on the knowledge that creating lasting change requires strong partnerships with local communities, health workers, and other stakeholders.

Commitment to Rural Populations
India’s rural citizens have little access to information about mental illness and the least access to mental health services compared with those living in urban centers. Those living with a mental illness can face severe social exclusion and present a huge economic burden to their family and the community at large.

Community Education and Engagement
We believe that patients and their family members should not feel shame in seeking help for a mental illness. The first step in overcoming the many social barriers to accessing mental health services is giving community members information about what mental illness really is and what services are available. Learning to accept and understand individuals with a mental illness is a critical step toward improving access to and utilization of mental health services.

Direct Service Delivery
Although, we understand the importance of advocacy, policy, and research in the mental health sector, we believe and focus our efforts on bringing direct mental health services to communities. Hence, our efforts lead us to focus on mental health education programs, medical treatment, and training local stakeholders to become community mental healthcare workers—sustaining our efforts long-term.