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Volunteer in India

Have an interest in mental healthcare systems or volunteering in India? Volunteer with us in Vadodara, in Gujarat, India!


Check out our videos, including an interview with Dr. Sandip Shah, our collaborator in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

About the MINDS Foundation

The MINDS Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides grassroots mental health education programs, medical treatment, and reintegration services in rural India. As a student at Wesleyan University, CEO & Founder Raghu Appasani volunteered in India and was exposed to the state of its rural mental healthcare system. He decided to do something about it and founded MINDS in 2010 along with a group of Wesleyan peers.

Through our 3-phase grassroots program, we operate in 19 villages in Vadodara, Gujarat. We've educated over 1,000 individuals in the Vadodara region and are currently treating over 120 patients free-of-cost through our partner, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University. MINDS has conducted four research studies with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Wesleyan University. Our program was also evaluated by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine's Global Health Program.

MINDS & Simple2Give Join Forces for an Impactful Holiday Season

On November 29, 2013

The MINDS Foundation & Simple2Give have joined in a partnership in which up to 15% of your online holiday shopping will be contributed to MINDS.

Simply follow the steps below:

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  5. That’s all…now you can shop and know that up to 15% of your purchase will be going towards supporting the work of MINDS.

The MINDS team thanks you for your support and will continue to work with partners such as Simple2Give to bring you more ways in which you can aid our work!

Mental Health Awareness Week!

On October 4, 2013

Happy October! As we dive into autumn head first – the leaves are brilliant shades of ruby and gold outside of our office here at MINDS – it’s a perfect time for reflection on the changing seasons in our own lives. From October 6-12, Mental Health Awareness Week is dedicated to doing just that. Here on the MINDS blog, we’ll be going through indicators of mental illness, tips on how to approach friends or loved ones, and strategies for managing your own mental health in a proactive manner. The sun may be setting earlier, but we hope that MHAW will help you learn how to avoid getting SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder, see what I did there?) !

Abused Goddesses

On September 7, 2013

It’s not just the roads in India that require some traffic regulation and national attention. In a nation of 1.22 billion people, 100 million Indians, predominantly women and girls, are reported to be sexually trafficked in India. More than 2/3 of Indian women are victims of domestic violence, and in the last year alone, 244,270 crimes were reported against women, which makes one shudder to think about how much goes unreported. (Not that the United States is much better– according to the most recent report by the Department of Justice, we’re holding steady at about 270,000 incidences of rape/domestic violence per year.)\ You may have seen the extremely powerful “Abused Goddesses” campaign against domestic violence by the nonprofit group Save Our Sisters, part of Save the Children India, recently featured on BuzzFeed. I encourage everyone to check it out, and lend a hand to Save Our Sisters in their incredibly important fight against this epidemic. We here at MINDS take domestic abuse very seriously, and hope that with better mental health will come more gender equality for all.



MINDS featured as mHealth Alliance member

On August 6, 2013

Big thanks to the mHealth Alliance for featuring us on their blog! mHealth is a United Nations-sponsored organization that links us to a network of healthcare professionals with aims similar to ours, and in similar regions. This week, MINDS’ guest post about our work, and how we use mHealth’s resources, has been published on their Members’ News site. Check it out here!

Even today, there is still a gaping lack of access to mental healthcare in rural India. This is not primarily due to a lack of physicians in the country; rather, physicians are disproportionately located in urban areas that are inaccessible to individuals living in surrounding villages. Read More…

#3 & 4: Kamal Bhai & Kanchal Ben

On July 30, 2013

Today’s narrative is a story of how a husband and wife suffered through, and overcame, mental illness- together.

5&10-Kamal and Kanchan S 2

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