Anoop Singh  Board Member

Anoop Singh

Board Member

Head of Regulatory Affairs, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Anoop Singh has been Director of the Asia and Pacific Department of the International Monetary Fund since November 2008. Before that, Mr. Singh was Director of the Western Hemisphere Department. Mr. Singh, an Indian national, holds graduate and post-graduate degrees from the universities of Bombay, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics.

His other appointments at the IMF have included: Director, Special Operations in the Office of the Managing Director; Senior Advisor, Policy Development and Review Department; Assistant Director, European Department; and IMF Resident Representative in Sri Lanka.

His additional work experience includes: Special Advisor to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (I.G. Patel and Manmohan Singh); Senior Economic Advisor to the Vice President, Asia Region, The World Bank; and sometime lecturer in Economics in Bombay University. Mr. Singh has worked and written on macroeconomic surveillance, and crisis management issues, helping design Fund-supported programs in emerging market, transition, and developing countries in South and South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. He led missions to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia during the Asian crises in 1997-99, to Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Albania during their early transition experiences in the late 1980′s-early 1990′s, and to a number of other countries in Asia and in the Americas, including the Philippines, India, Australia, China, Japan, and Argentina.

Mr. Singh’s publications include:

  • “The Financial Market Crisis and Risks for Latin America” (2008)

  • “Macroeconomic Volatility: The Policy Lessons from Latin America” (2006)

  • “Sustaining Latin America’s Resurgence: Some Historical Perspectives” (2006)

  • “Stabilization and Reform in Latin America: A Macroeconomic Perspective on the Experience Since the 1990s” (2005)

  • “Latin America’s Resurgence” (2005)

  • “Australia, Benefiting from Economic Reform” (1998)

  • “Macroeconomic Issues Facing ASEAN Countries” (1997)

  • “Monetary Policy in India: Issues and Evidence” (1982)

He has organized conferences and seminars on political and economic issues affecting the ASEAN countries, “Asia and the IMF”, Indonesia, Argentina, the Andean region, Central America, the Caribbean region, and the United States.